Lenovo.com UX Improvement Initiative

When Lenovo came to us, they were two weeks away from launching their first global responsive web platform on Lenovo.com. Through an expert review, we immediately identified urgent UX improvements that were implemented before launch.

Then, we conducted an international usability study that identified additional enhancements for their specific customers. To prioritize this list of possible UX investments, we conducted a competitive heuristic evaluation that scored the new platform against 5 competitors on 49 UX variables. This helped us design a multi-year UX strategy for Lenovo.com that clarified and prioritized 19 investments.

Lenovo asked us to lead them through the first of those investments: simplifying the home page information architecture (IA). Our proposed IA redesign competed in a global four-way A/B test involving hundreds of thousands of real users. Not only did our design result in the least user dropouts and a significant reduction in navigation difficulties, it also resulted in a 5.6% increase in completed sales.

To help strengthen their internal UX team to execute on the UX strategy, we assisted Lenovo with hiring UX staff. Additionally, we created a customer journey map framework that launched a multi-year investment in documenting customer touch points and became a corporate key performance objective.

UX Services List

  • International Usability Study
  • Competitive Heuristic Evaluation
  • UX Strategy
  • Simplification Redesign
  • Customer Journey Map
  • UX Hiring Support

"I have worked with Specific Clarity on a couple of global initiatives. Most importantly was to improve Lenovo.com navigation and find a unique way to help people choose “what’s right for me” easily and with confidence to eventually convert to purchase. Darren and his team did a fantastic job of integrating with my team, deciphering both the unique aspects of our business and customers, and customizing innovative UX techniques that eventually resulted in higher than expected satisfaction with the site as well as incremental conversion to purchase. Specific Clarity was easy to partner and work with and will become a repeat vendor in my future usability needs."

Rick Medeiros Executive Director, Global eCommerce