Tyler Technologies Visual Design Refresh & User Research

Tyler Technologies is the largest US company that provides software and technology services solely to the public sector. During our discovery phase, we helped Tyler Technologies’ Appraisal & Tax Division clarify their UX priorities. They were migrating to a new code platform for a flagship product, and we recommended that the biggest UX impact on revenue would be to refresh their visual design at the same time.

We conducted visual design ideation sessions with their leadership council, refined design options, and validated them with customers. We created specific samples for 10 unique pages from their product to achieve a full brand realization of the new visual design. We also provided a design library of UI elements, icons, and style guides. With this visual vocabulary, their internal team had the clarity needed to propagate the new design to all areas of the product. Along the way, we also seized opportunities to introduce usability improvements to accompany the visual design enhancements.

To validate the new design and improved usability, we conducted observational field research with real users doing their real jobs. We started by observing multiple customers on their first day using the new product. Then, we observed customers who had been using the new product for 4 months and compared the experiences of those groups. This evaluation provided deep insights that were used to improve the product design and increase user acceptance.

UX Services List

  • Visual Design Ideation
  • Brand Realization
  • L&F, VD Design Samples
  • Design Library (Visual Vocabulary) and Style Guides
  • Opportunistic Usability Improvements
  • Field Research “Out-of-the-box Experience” + 4 Months Later
  • New Feature Design

"The expertise in UX design that Specific Clarity provided Tyler Technologies is a key source behind the success of our product in the marketplace over the last few years. Their knowledge of effective UX concepts allowed us to quickly bring to the marketplace a refreshed user experience for our customers."

Michael Lange Vice President of Development